26/52 – Quality Time

fourth of july


Norah: This weekend was full of YES. We had many engagements, being a holiday cookout-type weekend. We thought we’d just be dragging you along places but instead there was so much fun in it for you! You and your dad were like two peas in a pod, and even though you’re still a baby, I love how you can have fun and go with the flow anywhere we take you.

Eli: I want to gobble your toes 3,914 times average, daily.

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25/52 – Entertained

reading at the table

pool dude

Norah: I didn’t know at a mere 21 months I may have to institute a no-reading-at-the-table rule. You are certainly your father’s daughter.

Eli: Chill baby is CHILL.

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24/52 – Lots To Say

water table

big smiles

Norah: I was all, look at me, you have a water table! Then Grandma gave you the entire hose and well, that’s why Grandma’s the fun one. Five minutes later you were naked.

Eli: You are that chattiest little dude! I just can’t get enough – you have so much to say!

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23/52 – Brother Love

hi brother

a gift

Norah: Can you say obsessed? The swing, the couch, the floor mat.. no place is safe from the love you have for your brother. Just WAIT until he actually starts playing back!

Eli: A departing gift from your sister. You’re a good sport.

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22/52 – Sundays

Lala and Salad

8 weeks

Norah: Sunday dinners. I love that you’ll have such fond memories of Sunday family dinners. Playing, learning, eating. All made much better when a big loving family is involved.

Eli: 8 weeks old! What a happy, healthy little squish you are.

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