32/52 – Waves and Rolls

welcome beach

rolls on rolls

Norah: The beeach! This is your first experience at the beach since you could walk and dude. We knew it would be such a huge hit! It was kind of a crazy week, but between beach, sand, sun, and family, it was totally worth it.

Eli: Can’t say you logged a bunch of beach time.. hey, you napped on the beach, does that count?! Instead, I just continued to admire your rolls. On rolls. On rolls.

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31/52 – Stitch!

space ship

blanket strong

Norah: Opa introduced you to Lilo and Stitch while he was here last week. I think it left its mark on you. Not to mention you also run around the house saying “Stitch! Stitch!”

Eli: Crochet blanket still going strong.

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30/52 – Family

opa jump

tula love

Norah: No fear! Right into Opa’s arms!

Eli: Maybe I should just rename this blog: the chronicles of babywearing. After logging 249016 hours in the Ergo I decided to step up my game, sell a few things around the house, and get us a nice SSC. Worth its weight in gold!

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ring sling

Norah: Your first time painting! You took right to it, of course. And you continue to leave us guessing on whether you’ll be a righty or a lefty.

Eli: A borrowed sling – just another way to keep you close.

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28/52 – Stripes

tan lines

sleepy snuggles

Norah: Those tan lines though.

Eli: Some weekend mornings I just take in the quiet and enjoy some well-deserved sleepy snuggles.

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